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What Not to Do!

It is equally important to understand what not to do in your preparation for the UPSC exam.

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We have put together a few insights to be avoided while preparing for the UPSC exam. Many toppers swear by these practices that helped them immensely to pass the rigor of the IAS exam.

Things to Avoid
First – To start preparation for the exam without understanding the actual need for the exam. Not going through the syllabus, and directly jumping into the book.

Second – Using many resources but not revising them multiple times. And, not doing enough practice and sticking to one source.

Third – Lack of confidence and being anxious.

It is a sum up of mistakes to be avoided. But how do you tackle them? Here are a few thoughts that we arrived at by listening to our toppers’ talks.

  1. Always go through the syllabus and Previous Year’s Questions (PYQ) to understand the expectations in the exam
  2. Every topper suggests going through the minimum number of possible books and revising them multiple times. Follow it religiously.
  3. Practice! Practice! Practice! Whether, it is Prelims, Mains, or the Interview, always do enough practice. You can attend a few test series to self-evaluate yourself. And, don’t forget to analyze them which is equally important.
  4. Self-confidence is important. Without it, it would be tough wherever you go. Do remember, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,”

If you need any help to avoid these mistakes, don’t hesitate to contact mentors or teachers. You can also reach out to expert faculties at MCC IAS Academy for help.



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