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  • Early Bird Program

    MCC IAS Academy

    Get foundational knowledge from dedicated expert faculty and be a step ahead of the rest. Avail early bird benefits!

  • Broad Training


    Opportunities to engage in regular seminars, panel discussions and talks by career IAS/IPS Officers to broaden our students mind.


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Initiate students with basic knowledge of the exam, syllabus and study materials.


Guidance and training of faculty of MCC College for optional subjects.


Counseling and mentoring on an individual basis to prevent anxiety & stress, and maximize performance.


All classrooms are equipped with smart boards, projectors and air conditioners to enhance the learning experience.


Students are provided the complete resource materials required for cracking the IAS (UPSC) exam.



Introduce syllabus of IAS exam, covering foundational concepts and thorough explanation of NCERTs.


Test knowledge
of students. Training them in Tips & Tricks to maximize test scores


Analysis of test, identifying areas of improvement and evaluation.


Personal mentoring for students, motivational talks and seminars on ethics.


With a thorough foundation,
rigourous testing, personal mentoring, the aspirants are now ready to tackle the IAS Exam.



It is always important to know why you want to pursue a career in the civil services. This will help push you on days you get demotivated. (Yes! you will have many of those days)


Diligence is not just working , but working hard. Not just doing the bare minimum, but doing everything with 150% effort.


There will be many challenges & disappointments along the way, regardless of academic background. Only your perseverance will help you to stand up when you fall any number of times.


Any goal has to have a well laid out strategy to accomplish the goal.


With our sustained testing, the candidates will get exposed to every aspect of questioning on concepts.


The above process is rigorous. That is why we provide mentors, teachers and guides for holistic development of the candidate



To create an India of fully tapped potential, for the nation’s growth, development - Social, Economical & Political


To raise up diligent, honest, and discerning bureaucrats, unwavering in their commitment to service, efficient in their administration and speaking truth to power


Provide Holistic training of - Quality Education, personalized mentoring and inducing wisdom and motivation, Instilling the qualities of an efficient and hardworking bureaucrat



Dr. P. Wilson

Ph.D.(IIT), M.Sc, B.C.S, B.Ed
Principal & Secretary
Madras Christian College

Madras Christian College and schools have been known in History for producing political leaders, bureaucrats and social reformers. In resonance with its values MCC IAS ACADEMY in Chennai has been instituted with a vision of scouting potential leaders and to offer them facilitation in regards to their strategic preparation for facing the civil services examination. This academy would be anchored onto the core values of MCC including academic excellence, spiritual vitality and social relevance.

The potential IAS aspirants trained here would have integrity as one of their personality traits. I wish the director and organizations that offer patronage to this noble task all the best and pray that MCC- IAS ACADEMY would facilitate the prospective and potential leaders for this country and contribute to Nation Building.



Dr. G.J. Manohar

M.A, M.Phil, M.Ed, Ph.D.
Director (Honorary),
MCC IAS Academy

Greetings from MCC IAS Academy!

There is a plethora of career options to pursue after the academic stream but the problem is the students do not have the inclination towards a particular career or they are confused about what to choose from the multitude of opportunities. For the past three decades, due to technological outbursts Engineering and Medicine streams have moved into the limelight leaving civil services career behind.

A career in IAS is unique in that it not only wields respect and dignity but also offers the one to make positive changes in society. Getting into IAS is not impossible for a candidate if he/she has the right attitude, approach and assistance. For 186 years, Madras Christian College has done yeomen’s service in the field of education. From our portals, we have sent out students who now serve in various capacities in different parts of the world. In an impetus to serve the society with efficient personnel in the civil services, MCC has opened its portal for young IAS aspirants.

The IAS Academy is to kindle motivation, enhance potential, and train the students to be a torchbearer of the nation. It aims to groom students with exemplary administrative skills honed by values like honesty, integrity and diligence.


MCC has already established itself firmly as an eminent institute of education.

The faculties are subject experts drawn from the best of many institutions including the centuries-old MCC. Our Expert faculty in the Art and Social sciences departments help the students maximize their chances in cracking the exam. Furthermore, with solid financial backing by the Madras Christian College (MCC) there is an assurance of quality education, uncompromising dedication and persistent push towards achieving results. Our objective is to create the best IAS academy in Chennai at affordable cost.

The IAS coaching centre in Chennai is housed inside the sprawling campus of the renowned MCC Higher Secondary School, Chetpet. Our strategic location of the campus provides state of art infrastructure which aides learning, sustains a conducive environment of tranquility yet are scholarly, free from distractions of the outside world.

Our teaching pedagogy starting from basic foundation courses ensures
that even new uninitiated aspirants who have a desire to learn can
follow, start setting their pace and build momentum. This is further complemented by continuous testing and evaluation to find areas of

mistake and learn from them. Tips, tricks and techniques are taught to
the students to minimize mistakes and optimize results.

Furthermore, all course materials required for IAS coaching will be provided to the students for each subject, including in-depth analysis, detailed explanations, affixed mock tests, etc. here. The library with thousands of books and devoted study room facilities places MCC at a unique position and one among the best IAS coaching centre in Chennai.

MCC IAS Academy in Chennai gives the aspirants quality coaching at an affordable cost. We are commencing the classes from May 2022. 

You may contact on mobile +91 9344435330 or through email, mcciasacademy@gmail.com

Enrol today!
Become an IAS/IPS officer!!



M.Vinod Kumar

Assistant Coordinator

Ezra Johanan S.

Assistant Coordinator

Adarsh Jacob Joshua

Assistant Coordinator



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